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New generation gaming

With the new generation consoles being released there are always new tech for rendering and optimising games for the consoles.

Many companies use their proprietary game engines, but as multi platform engines gets better and better they get used more and more. And with the mobile platform getting more complex and more powerful, many game engines have started to support mobile devices.
Some of these engines are

With these engines out the leap from mobile to console/PC will for gaming companies will decrease.

With the gaming industry maturing, the question is will the market get bloated with clones of successful games or will we see new types of genreas growing. Will games get bad ports to different platforms or will developers find the best ways of using each platform for different genreas?

Is this the future of 3D rendering?

Unlimited Detail is a new technology for making realtime 3D graphics.  Unlimited Detail is different from existing 3D graphics systems because it can process unlimited point cloud data in real time, giving the highest level of geometry ever seen.

Maybe this is the future of 3D rendering? Here is an short explanation about unlimited detail technology.

Unlimited detail technology explained

Unlimited detail technology compaired