Upcomming game for iPhone

I was working on our latest project and thought that it maybe would be fun to share.

Here is 30 minutes of me working.

Simple iPhone app development tutorial

So you are new to Xcode and Objective-C, well don’t be scared, this tutorial will help you create a simple app. The app will not do anything special but it will implement stuff inorder to make simple stuff.

First we will establish what the app should do and what features we want to implement. Since this is a tutorial app the functionality of the app is not that important, we will focus more on the features. Lets make an app that changes the background picture of the app by dragging a selector on the thumb of the image. So we will implement animation and touch and drag.

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Upcoming iPhone game

I’m currently working on an iPhone game named Project Ninja (working title), it is a top-down scrolling game. The game will support singleplayer and  multiplayer mode. Since everything in this game is still under early stages of development I can not share to much about it, but I will post this art work for all you fans out there.

More artwork and information about the game will be coming up as the development progresses.

Concept art

Pickadot – a family game for iPad

There are not many games on the iPad that lets you play multiplayer games on the same iPad simultaneously. But Pickadot is one of those games. It’s a fast paced multiplayer action that lets up to 4 players play on the same iPad.

Every player is assigned a dot with a color. Then there will be dots spawned on the screen and every player is to take the dots with the same color as their own dot. There are bonus objects in the game as well that will give boost to you as you drag them to your own dot or punish your rivals when you drag them to their dot.

Official homepage of Pickadot.

Graphical performance of iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 shares the same graphics chip. It has great performance as can be shown in the video below.

The video shows the enhancement in graphics with iOS 5 and the A5 processors capability (and lots of great work made by Firemint)

Is this the future of 3D rendering?

Unlimited Detail is a new technology for making realtime 3D graphics.  Unlimited Detail is different from existing 3D graphics systems because it can process unlimited point cloud data in real time, giving the highest level of geometry ever seen.

Maybe this is the future of 3D rendering? Here is an short explanation about unlimited detail technology.

Unlimited detail technology explained

Unlimited detail technology compaired

First post

This is my first post but not the last =)

ppl hang in there as there will be more to come!