Next gen consoles

Lets start of by saying that I’m no hardware expert of any sort. But looking at the spec of the upcoming and released consoles one wonders how capable they are. It’s hard to compare the new consoles with the existing since there hardware are capable of so much more even at same speeds. So lets instead compare the consoles to each other.

As I have understood the previous generations bottleneck was in the RAM and thats probably why the console manufacturers have increased the RAM so dramatically.

Here are the RAM spec of each console.

  • Wii U: 2GB of 1T-SRAM
  • Xbox One: 8 GB DDR3
  • PS4: 8 GB GDDR5

What does this mean? Well, the different types of RAMs are good at different tasks so there is no, this is the best RAM. It all goes back to the type of designed architecture of each console. Since PS4 and Xbox One are both using x86 architecture they are easier to compare. But the PowerPC of today is very simular to x86 so there shouldn’t be to much trouble comparing the Wii U either.

Of what I have come to understand 1T-SRAM is a high density static random access memory. It means it is faster than DRAM (dynamic) and uses less power but is more expensive. It is the same type of RAM that Xbox One uses in its GPU. SRAM is the fastest RAM out of the 3 consoles.

GDDR5 is a memory used for graphics, it is a high speed memory compared to consumer memories. But it has a higher CAS (latency) than DDR3. Since Xbox One have the slowest memory I think they have implemented 32 MB eSRAM (embedded) into the GPU in order help the RAM speed to get a little boost. But since the DDR3 has lower latency maybe the OS will load faster?

So the fastest RAM goes to the Wii U and the slowest to Xbox One, but Wii U have much lower amount of RAM, is that a design issue or a cost issue since the Wii U RAM is the most expensive?

Anyways, when playing games it all goes to the GPU. All 3 consoles are using GPGPUs. And all 3 are getting there GPUs from ATI.

From what I have come to understand is that the Xbox One and PS4 uses the same GPU architecture but have different solutions for there circuits. Xbox One have 32 MB eSRAM on the GPU as the PS4 uses GDDR5. Whichever is the better goes back to the developers as they need to utilize each systems strengths. The weakest GPU in raw power is the Wii Us, it have a weaker chipset but utilizes a combination of the Xbox One and PS4 GPU architecture, since it have both a high speed RAM and eDRAM on the die. Does this mean it will be easier to port games to Wii U from the other consoles?

As it goes for the CPUs the PS4 and Xbox One have very simular while the Wii U uses IBMs Power 7 architecture. Since the new systems are depending on heavy GPU load the clocks of the CPU havent increased as much as they did the last generation. Instead they are more effective and a lot of the job that the CPUs used to do now have specific hardware for it. That means that the CPU can more effectively do what it is good at and don’t need to have a 4GHz clock speed.

I think the Xbox One and PS4 is on par when it comes to spec, maybe the PS4 have a very little advantage with its GDDR5.

At the end of the day no console is better than its best games. So lets hope for great games for all consoles.

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